The Versatile Tulip Beer Glass

The Versatile Tulip Beer Glass

tulip beer glass

The glassware chosen for beer is not as simple as it may seem. The size of the head, or foam on top of the drink, can vary depending on what type of glass you have in front of you, therefore certain types of glasses are better suited to certain kinds of beer. However, most bartenders will agree that there is a glass that can be used across a variety of beer types: a tulip-shaped glass.

Tulip Beer Glass

The tulip beer glass is a specific style of glass that has the ability to accommodate most beer types, giving you an enjoyable experience each time. Beer tulips come in a variety of shapes and sizes, yet they all have the tulip shape that is common to each glass. The tulip is a stemmed beer glass that usually doesn't differ too much from tulip glasses that are designed specifically for wine, but instead of a small opening at the top of the glass where a lip would be, there is a wide opening that allows for the tulip glass to work perfectly with the head on top of your beer.


Types Of Beer

tulip beer glass

The tulip's ability to accommodate a number of different types of beer is not only attributed to the larger space it leaves at the top for your head, but because tulips are tapered towards the base, which prevents too much foaming. As a result, tulip glasses are perfect for beers including hefeweizen (wheat beer), saison (pale ale that is highly carbonated, fruity & spicy) biere de grade ("beer for keeping" - a strong pale ale) and sours such as lambics (beer fermented through exposure to wild yeasts, tending to be sour) that have a high amount of carbonation within them.

The tulip glass also allows you to enjoy the aromatic side of beer with its wider opening at the top, which releases more scent for your nose to pick up on. This makes tulip glasses essential for beers that contain a strong and distinct aroma, such as an IPA (India pale ale), pale ales, or even heavy, dark beers like Belgian IPAs, Belgian strong dark ale, and Trappist beers (beer brewed by monks!) like dubbel, tripel and quadrupel.

Versatility Of The Tulip Beer Glass

tulip beer glasses

As tulip glasses are more suited to a wider sphere of beers, they make the perfect choice for your collection as opposed to glasses that may be more specific to types of beer. Tulip beer glasses will allow you to experience the full flavour of your drink each time, making them a great addition to any glassware cabinet. Check out our tulip beer glass here.

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