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Craft Beer Glasses

Stout Glass Set of 4 (Outlet)

Stout Glass Set of 4 (Outlet)

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Important: These are outlet glasses with slight imperfections, please read the product description below and see the close up images.

Imperfections never looked so good! These glasses may not be flawless, but they're just as fabulous in their own rugged way. With slight manufacturing defects that are purely aesthetic, The Ruffians are here to add character to your beer-drinking experience.

Because of the human element of the glass crafting process, a small percentage of our stock ends up with slight aesthetic imperfections. We like to think of it as a painter's brush stroke or a sculptor's chisel mark.

We believe in reducing waste and giving new life to perfectly functional glassware. That's why our outlet glasses are available at heavily discounted prices, allowing you to effortlessly build a captivating collection of craft beer glasses for your home bar. Each glass boasts a distinctive touch, making every pour a conversation starter.

Stout Glass 420ml x 4: 

The stout glass is designed to accentuate the roasted malt, rich coffee & chocolate notes that all stout lovers have come to appreciate. The slightly concave form of the bowl helps preserve these aromas & acts like a scent cannon, driving complex fragrances straight to one's nose. The glass's narrow top helps with head retention, as does the angled shelf the beer flows over as one enjoys their favourite dark brew. This glass was made to make stout smell better, taste better, maintain its flavour complexity & milky consistency longer, & expand the lifespan of its head.

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