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Craft Beer Glasses

The Beerfluencer - Craft Beer Glass Set

The Beerfluencer - Craft Beer Glass Set

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For the craft beer influencer.

This funky craft beer glass set is for the people that make craft beer special - the raters, reviewers, artists, podcasters, photographers, instagrammers & everyone that keeps the beersphere updated with the latest drops, brews & flavours. Keep that content fresh, ya'll!

2x Beer Creamer 300ml:
From milky stouts to hazy beers, use this glass to keep your pours fresh by adding a little (beer) cream on top!

Beer types: All

2x Tulip Beer Glass 473ml:
The tulip beer glass is perfect for sour beers and stronger aromatic brews like Belgian ales and other malty, hoppy beers. Its curved tulip-shaped design favours the capture of the aromatic qualities of beer, while its tight mouth allows the formation of a thick layer of foam.

Beer types: Sours, Belgian ales, Trappist ales, Flanders, Saison, Biere de grade, Lambic, Wild ale, Brown ale, Amber ale, Double/imperial IPA, Pale ale, Wheat beer, Porter, Stout

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