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Craft Beer Glasses

The Craft Guru - Craft Beer Glass Set

The Craft Guru - Craft Beer Glass Set

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For the ultimate craft beer guru.

This craft beer glass set is for serious devotees, covering every base & every style of beer. The most complete glassware set money can buy when it comes to craft beer drinkware. It won't disappoint, except for the fact one's glassware collection might be nearing its peak once these have been added.

Tulip Beer Glass 473ml:
 The tulip beer glass is perfect for sour beers and stronger aromatic brews like Belgian ales and other malty, hoppy beers. Its curved tulip-shaped design favours the capture of the aromatic qualities of beer, while its tight mouth allows the formation of a thick layer of foam.

Beer types: Sours, Belgian ales, Trappist ales, Flanders, Saison, Biere de grade, Lambic, Wild ale, Brown ale, Amber ale, Double/imperial IPA, Pale ale, Wheat beer, Porter, Stout


Classico IPA Beer Glass 360ml: The classic IPA shape. Designed to aerate hoppy IPAs with each sip, releasing fragrant aromatics in the process. The base of the IPA glass cuts in, indenting to capture beer at the bottom of the glass, while the wide-open mouth provides space for a fluffy head. This allows the drinker to take in all the fruity citrus and piney aromas and ensures a decent head up until the last sip.

Beer types: Any and all varieties of IPA (India pale ale), pale ale


Hazy Beer Glass 480ml: The perfect glass that accentuates both the look and taste of hazy beers. This glass combines both the design of the IPA glass and the tulip glass, bringing together the best of both worlds. Its base cuts in, indenting to capture beer at the bottom of the glass and ensuring a decent head up until the last sip, while its tulip-like upper body favours the capture the aromatic qualities of hazy beer.

Beer types: NEIPAs (New England India Pale Ale), Hazy IPAs, IPAs, Double/imperial IPA, Hazy pale ales


Lager Glass 340ml: Tall, slender, and tapered, the classic lager glass is perfect for lagers and other lighter beers like pilsners. Its skinny design showcases beer’s colour, clarity, and carbonation. The slender and conical shape favours crystalline beers and allows foam retention to maintain the flavour and aroma of hops.

Beer types: Lighter beers like Lager, Pilsner, Bock


Cicerone Teku Beer Glass 430ml: The Cicerone teku style beer glass is a well-balanced glass, created to elevate the beer-drinking experience. Featuring a thin rim & a chimney-shaped upper bowl, this glass is designed to highlight the qualities of aroma-rich beers.

Beer types: Belgian ales, Trappist ales, Flanders, Brown ale, Amber ale, Double/imperial IPA, Porter, Stout


Beer Can 470ml: The ideal glass for the easygoing beer lover. It's suitable for all types of beer and combines the familiar feeling of holding a can with all the perks of having beer in a glass.

Beer types: All


Beer Creamer 300ml: From milky stouts to hazy beers, use this glass to keep your pours fresh by adding add a little (beer) cream on top!

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